Monday, February 20, 2012

The User's Review: Nikon FM SLR Camera Manufactured during 1977 - 1982

I got mine with several Nikon EM bodies, each priced at USD 4 plus shipping.

The wind lever is at a position locking the shutter button to fire. 

The red circle indicates the wind lever unlocks the shutter button.  Multiple exposure is achieved by pushing/holding the round button behind the speed dial  to the left and then winding. It says that there are two versions of FM, with different rings around the shutter button and different ways to activate an attached motor drive. Mine should be a latter version with a stronger internal structure.

To open the film door, you need to push the button by the rewinding knob backward and to pull it up.  

The FM sign is engraved on the back of top plate under the wind  lever

The small window under the letter k in 'Nikon' is used to pick up aperture number on a lens. FM has a viewfinder showing aperture size on the top, shutter speed on the left, and light meter (+ o -) on the right.

Self-timer and DOF preview lever

This image shows Version 1 of FM. See the differences?


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