Saturday, August 20, 2011

The User’s Review: Konica C35 AF released in 1977

My blog focuses on AF slr cameras, but can't miss C35 AF, simply because it's the 'world first auto focus camera system' as stated on the front cover of the smaller version of C35 AF manuals. C35 AF is a rangefinder camera, not a slr.

Got mine at USD 15 including shipping online in 8/11/2011, in very good used condition except the aging light seals on the body. I also bought two copies of user's manuals separately. After receiving them, found they are two different versions, the smaller in English only, the bigger in English/Duetsch/Francais/Svensk/Espanol.

Let's open the case to look at the camera.

The original lens cap also covers the three windows of AF sensor and viewfinder to avoid shooting without taking-off the lens cap. 

I had to turn the ring around the lens to set ASA. The ring is not easy to turn, so I have to used my both hands to hold the camera and to set ASA.

The red distance indicator shows a distance estimate only after the shutter released. No way to tell AF distance before shooting. The white arrow sign by the side of the distance scale shows that the flash fully reach the position to charge.

The light by the rewinding knob indicates that the flash is ready. There is a red light in the right-upper corner of the viewfinder winder, telling you under-exposure and need of flash. Can use a traditional shutter cable to fire the shutter. 
Inside the film doors of some Konica cameras, there is a sticker of Sakura color film ad (see the red). 

C35 Af powered by two AA batteries

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The User’s Review: Minolta AF Zoom Lens 35-70mm 1:3.5 (22)-4.5

- Within the mount, it is marked '© 1993 Minolta'.
- Plastic barrels and mount
- 49 mm filter size
- 0.5m/4.9ft
- No distance scale
-35, 50, and 70 mm zoom marks

Friday, August 5, 2011

The User's Review: Pentax SF1 (SFX) 35mm Film SLR Camera, released in 1987

Pentax ME F with a special motorized lens, marketed in 1981, can offer AF, but, I believe, SF1 with a built-in AF motor should be the real first AF camera from Pentax.

The unique features on Pentax SF1 are:

- A central roof-mounted LCD

- An accessory mount installed on the right-side (behind the shutter button)

- AF/MF switch can be locked at MANUAL, no accident change.


Monday, August 1, 2011

The User's Review: Canon EOS 620 released in 1987

I got this body online, paid USD 15.45 including 10.05 for priority mail. It's in a good used condition, but still feels well-built among Canon EOS 600/RT series. So far, I have not find such 'solid' in other EOS bodies yet.

This model is the top one among EOS 600 models (including EOS 630 650 and RT), with the following top and standard features:

- 1/4000 s shutter speed

- Standard GR-10 grip with a shutter release cable socket

- LCD backlight with its button (the smaller one in the following image)

Canon Date Back E or Technical Back E can also be used on this body.

Oil on shutter blades and bad backlight are common issues in these EOS bodies.