Thursday, October 31, 2013

The User's Review: Konica Hexanon Zoom/Zoom-Hexanon 80-200 mm 3.4

There are five versions of this zoom according to Here I have the first and fourth versions. The tripod mount socket on the later version is closer to the lens mount, this may be better to balance the zoom and camera on a mono/tri-pod. The glass in my copy of the first version becomes yellowish through age (the last image).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The User's Review: Promaster 2500 PK 35 mm Film Camera

Promaster 2500 PK Super is a camera body with a plastic shell, and functionally similar to Pentax K1000, K1000 SE and KM. However, 2500 PK Super is much newer (manufactured in 1990s or 2000s?), not many aging parts (e.g., light sealing straps) should be found in 2500 PK Super. If you want to shoot film, get one copy of 2500 PK Super to use.

The Specs:

The package:

The case: 

The camera:

The kit lens:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The User's Review: Minolta X-370 35 mm Film Camera

X-370, X-300 and Seagull DF-300 are the same. X-300 is all black as the one I saw; DF-300, a licensed copy from the Chinese manufacture, is in the same colors of X-370 as shown here. Other colones include Carena DF-300, Carena SX-300, Centon DF-300, Kalimar KX 5000 and 7000 (aperture setting displayed in the finder), and Vivitar V50. These colonies use cheaper materials and have slightly modified right-hand grips. Minolta also released a X-370N and X-300S with modified grip and switches of power and AEL/Timer.