Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The User's Review: The differences between Nikon N4004 and N4004S

The differences are obvious in the views of front and top. Identical at the bottoms. However, on the back film chamber covers, do not notice any difference? (yellow vs. white)

The User's Review: Minolta Freedom I, Released in 1984?

I have not used or even touched this model, nothing special to me, except its dedicated rectangular-shape filter as found in its manual below. I believe that this filter is hardly to find today. 

The User's Review: Ricoh Macro Teleconverter P 2X

I believe that this 2X Macro Teleconverter (MTC) is made by the same manufacture of more commonly-seen Vivitar 2X MTC. 

As I tested with a Pentax DSLR body, this Ricoh MTC with a Ricoh P mount is safe to use on Pentax DSLR cameras (see the last two images).

The marks on this Ricoh MTC is easier to understand. The upper ratios in yellow are for the fully-extended tube with a 50mm lens while the lower ratios in white are used for 2x teleconverter (fully retreated tube) with the same kind of prime lens.  On Vivitar MTCs, these ratios are marked in different colors.

The User's Review: Vivitar 2X Macro Focusing Teleconverter MC M/MD (for Minolta), Made in Japan

Actually, I shot the following images with a Pentax KA version of this 2X Macro Teleconverter (MTC, paired with a SMC Pentax A 50mm F1.4 prime lens). I believe, the same manufacturer made this kind of 2X MTC with various lens mount (e.g., K, KA, Ricoh P and...) and under different brand names (e.g., Ricoh).

As its name indicates, this MTC has two functions: to double your lens focus length and to work as an extension tube with glass for Macro up to 1: 1 (see my last two images in this ratio).

The User's Review: Polaroid 600 Instant Film Camera

When I got it, there were 3-4 films left in the film package installed at the bottom of the camera. I tested it. It's easy to use. It have a installed flash, a close-up lens switch and a film counter. As I understand, this camera should come with a factory strap, which is missing from my 600. The only problem for me is where to find the 600 film package.