Monday, June 23, 2014

The User's Review: Canon EOS 7s 35mm Film Camera, A Japanese Version of 30V Date and 7NE

Canon EOS 7S is not common to find because of two reasons, as I believe, first, it was one of the last film bodies Canon released, people were more interested in digital cameras; second, EOS 7S was released into Japanese market, it's another example of JDM. I took several years to find my used one from Japan.

The only differences between 7S and 7NE are the front badges and time imprint on the 7S back door. 7S should be identical to 30V Date except the 7S or 30V front badges.

Compared with the older brother EOS 55, 7S has no panorama function. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The User's Review: SMC Pentax FA J 28-80 mm 3.5-5.6 AL Zoom Lens and Comparison with FA 28-80 and FA 28-80 AL lenses

This FA J zoom lens was released with the last 35 mm AF SLR camera *ist from Pentax. With this body, Pentax claimed that the kit was the smallest among 35mm AF SLR cameras.

What I like about this FA J zoom lens: the compact size - its diameter is only a few millimeters wider than 58 mm filter.

What I do't like: plastic lens mount, and no aperture ring.

As shown in the following images, yes, this FA J zoom is the smallest among the three brothers of Pentax FA 28-80 although the FA J at full extension (80mm and 0.4m) is longer than the FA AL, the oldest one.

This FA J lens covers a regularly used focus range, but the lens is not common to find. I do not think that you should have one except for collection.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The User's Review: USSR Kiev II 35mm Rangefinder Camera (1947 - 1957)

This copy with a Jupiter - 8 5 cm lens was found in China.

The lens is exchangeable. The accessory shoe is for light meter, not for flash since no cable socket on the body.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The User's Review: Zenit (Zenith) - S 35mm SLR Camera, Made in 1956 as Shown by the First Two Digits in Its SN

My dad brought this camera when he was a graduate in Pushkin during later 1950s and earlier 1960s. My family and his friends used it until 1980s. It is of all metal, therefore, heavy and very durable.

This was the first camera I used, and I used it until it broke down. It's difficult to load the film since the body has an opening bottom. I had to set the shutter to 'B', kept the shutter curtains open, toke off the lens, and used my finger to press the film into the right position behind the shutter. Moreover, the metal cassette coming with the body must be used in order to avoid damaging the film. I do not know if these are the 'features' for this model or just be special for our copy.

It's a pain to load the camera, but it did leave us a lot of good memories on its pictures. What surprised me is that my dad still has the original box (in good shape) holding the camera after more than 50 years.