Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The User's Review: Mamiya / Sekor 1000 35 mm Film DTL SLR Camera, Released in 1968

I got mine in an excellent condition at USD 22 plus 8 shipping.

My 10 numbers about this camera:

1. 1000 indicates 1/1000 sec. top shutter speed
2. 2 (Dual) Through-Lens metering system: spot and average
3. 1st of DTL camera with a patent
4. 1 CdS sensor at the upper-central section of mirror (6% of field) for the spot meter mode
5. 2 such sensors at each side of eyepiece for the average meter mode
6. 42 mm universal threaded lens mount
7. One Eveready S-76E battery (1.55 v, 180 mAh) is needed to power the meter system.
    The good news is that the equivalent battery (e.g., Energizer 357/303) is available today.
8. One extra function of the wind lever: to stop down the aperture and to activate the meter
9. One meter-off-locking button on the top of the wind lever axis
10. One clip-on shoe is needed to hold a flash.

The meter-off lock is off (in UP position). To stop down the aperture and to set the meter on, you need to push the wind lever forward.

The meter-off lock is on (in DOWN position). Press the round lock button on the top of the wind lever, the wind lever will auto-stays in and shut down the meter.

The meter mode switch: up for spot (S) or down for average (A)
The back door lock is on the side.

The brown area on the mirror is the spot meter area.

My 1000 DTL didn't wear any shoe. However, I find that a clip-on shoe from my Pentax Spotmatic is a perfect fit on my 1000 DTL.
I saw all black 1000 DTL too. Mamiya/Sekor also has a 500 DTL, which is different from 1000 DTL by 1/500 sec. top speed. As I know, there are two versions of 500 DTL, with or without a self-timer. Most 500 DTL I saw had no self-timer.

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