Saturday, May 14, 2011

The User’s Review: Canon EOS Elan II (EOS 50), IIe (EOS 50e) and EOS 55

Released in 1995, Elan II and IIe are mid-level 35mm slr cameras and well built (relatively heavier with a mental lens mount and aluminium top cover) by Canon. They are the first cameras to implement Canon's e-TTL flash system.  

IIe has an unique feature of ‘Eye Control’, which allows user to look at one of the three focusing points in the viewfinder and select one point by eye. Even more unique is the eye-controlled depth-of-field preview. At the upper left corner of IIe’s viewfinder, there is a diamond-shaped mark. By looking at the mark (not press any button), you can check the DOF. To my knowledge, IIe (and probably EOS 55) is the only model with the eye-controlled DOF preview. This function does not inherited by the later model Elan 7NE.

Both II and IIe are in black/sliver color, and have optional date/time imprint back door. However, EOS 55, marketed only in Japan, has an all black option and with a panorama switch. This is another example that Japanese companies like Canon keep their best products for only Japanese (this kind of merchandises are of JDM, short for Japanese Domestic Market) and those who was physically on those islands to buy before the era of online shopping. Occasionally you can find an EOS 55 (with labels in Japanese) on sale in USA. But its price was more than USD 50, much higher than Elan II/IIe’s ranging between 15 – 30 body only on ebay as I watched in 2011.

I am looking for a all black EOS 55 at a right price to buy. I will add more images here after getting one. 

P. S.: On June 13 of 2011, I received my all black EOS 55.

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