Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The User's Review: Polaroid OneStep, released in 1978

OneStep is one of the Polaroid instant cameras using Time-Zero SX-7 film. These models share flashes and Polaroid Accessory Kit 183 (its manual is attached to the end of this review), which includes a tripod mount 2325, self-timer 2326 and cable release 2327.

OneStep is a plastic dark box equipped with a focus-free lens, lighten/darken control (e-eye), shutter bottom, viewfinder, picture counter, flash socket, neckstrap and front film door.

OneStep can't be tested without a film pack since the battery is in the film pack.

OneStep can be used with a flashbar or an electric flash like the IIT Magicflash.

OneStep is easy to use since my 4 and 3 years sons learnt to use it.

The picture counter is the white window on the right side.

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