Saturday, December 17, 2011

The User's Review: Pentax K-AC84 AC Adapter Kit (includes D-AC76, D-DC84 and D-CO2U) For K-x DSLR Camera, released in 2007 (?)

There are three parts in this kit with four parts numbers. My kit is K-AC84U. I also see K-AC84J online.
I guess that the last letter indicates the AC plugs in different countries because of the input range,
100 - 240 v, marked on the AC-to-DC converter in my kit.  

A new kit should come in with 5 pieces, including a box and a manual in 9 languages (with two versions of Chinese. Should have two versions of English, American and British)  

The four images above show how to install the AC adapter. The cords are long enough to use away from the AC plug.  My only complain is where the cord comes out from the K-x and the column piece near the connector. The good side is that you will feel that the adapter is installed, reminding you 'to be careful when moving around'.

The kit is expensive and rare to find. Here I give you the output of the AC Adapter D-AC76, which are 6.5 V and 3000 mA. Believe that some handy guy can make such a kit for their own K-x. 


  1. it is 92$ at amazon now ... terrible

  2. The following link shows you the DIY. You can buy a AC adapter with the right V and mA at several dollars online. Thanks.