Saturday, July 23, 2011

The User’s Review: Nikon Multi Data Back MF-19 For N2000 (F-301) and N2020 (F-501)

I ordered two used N2020 bodies online at USD 4 for each plus shipping in July 13, 2011. After they arrived, I found one of them came with a MF-19 back. However, this camers does not work, but the other does. I switched the backs easily, thanks to the design of door installation.

 The MF-19 Multi Data Back, powered by 2 AG13 or 357 cell batteries, pairs the N2000 and N2020 cameras, and allows you not only to imprint the date and/or time on your pictures, but also to control and program the shutter release according to predesigned times and intervals. The control functions are not common in other camera backs.
Data recording mode (choice of five different time/date modes, or reference numbers up to 999999), Interval shooting modes (provides interval control and makes it possible to set time intervals between successive shots and the number of shotsper interval; maximum time interval 99:59:59), Timeswitch mode (allows for a maximum of 99 shots per day at set times, up to 99 days), AF trigger function (takes pictures when they are in focus at the settings of interval and timer modes) and timer function.

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