Monday, July 18, 2011

The User’s Review: Canon Barcode Reader E for EOS 10, 10s, 100, and Elan

- The Bar-code Manual published in 1990 tells how to use the bar code reader and offers 23 programs.
- Published in 1991, the EOS Barcode 101 has 101 programs and one clear barcode as an extra one. My question is that the program numbers in these two books do not match. Confusing?
- If you do not have the manual or 101, photo copied or scanned (better scanned as black & white) duplicates work fine with the reader as I tested.
- If you have a matched camera body, you should try the reader. It's unique.


  1. I have EOS 10 and the barcode reader booklet which is meant for beginners. Program numbers don't need to match. They are just sequential numbers. The bar codes contain all exposure information, aperture setting etc. There are only few settings for each photo example or "program". It's quite easy to decode the interleaved bar codes and see how they match to camera settings. You can even print your own new bar codes.

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