Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The User’s Review: Canon EOS 10s (10, 10 QD), released in 1990

When I first saw an EOS 10s body, I could not figured out the functions of the button under the lens release and the bar sign on the control dial.

If you answer a 'yes' to the following questions, you may need such a body to shoot your film.

Q1, Bar-coding program? Yes, through the bar-code receptor under the lens release. A bar-code reader is used to scan the bar codes in a booklet, and input into the camera to program the modes. The Canon EOS Barcode Reader E and Program Book are needed.

Q2. Interval timer? Yes. Remember there are two timers in this body. Use the interval one to take up to 36 pictures at any interval up to a period of 23:59:59 (almost one day). This timer makes the camera perfect for sequences, flowers blooming, or group pictures that need more time that allowed with the self-timer.

Q3. Infrared film use? Yes.

Q4. Auto pop-up/close of the flash via a button? Yes.

Other features include: 1/4000 s shutter speed, 8-zone light metering, 3 selectable focus marks, multiple exposure, shake warming, 14 custom functions (I used CF 2 to set 'film leader out'), DX-code overriding, and an unique shoulder pad anchoring a viewfinder cover on the camera strap.

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