Friday, April 1, 2011

The User’s Review: Pentax ZX-10 (MZ-10) 35mm Film Camera

Fig. 1. Pentax ZX-10.

This model with date back (Fig. 1) was assembled in Philippines and  released in 1996. There is also a all black-color version of this model I saw online.

Pros: Power zoom; Compact; lightweight; 6-segment metering; 6 modes including ‘Green Operation’ (auto); manual set of film speed; 3-point autofocus (also see the cons), shutter release socket (see the cons also) (Fig. 2); much information showed on the LCD and display on the right side of viewfinder; consecutive-frame mode; in-focus sound switch (Fig. 2);  panorama format picture (Fig. 3); optional AA battery pack; one of the best camera straps, with two small pockets and a protruding part on one side of the strap clamps to trigger rewinding button (Fig. 4). 

Fig. 2. Side view of Pentax ZX-10.

Fig. 3. The panorama lever (P) on Pentax ZX-10.

 Fig. 4. The strap of Pentax ZX-10. The pockets with the Pentax signs and the clamps are unique.

Cons: Only a focus frame (look like [       ])in the viewfinder without lighted-up focus point (this genetic disadvantage also passes on to some Pentax DSLR); the mode dial, LCD and select switch have to work together in order to set up the camera (too complicated); special shutter release cable (it’s electric, who cares? why not the universal one?); money (a coin) needed to open the battery door (Fig. 1); a Phillips screwdriver needed to change data back battery; Date on the film door extends to only 2019.

The camera is not very durable because of many plastic parts including body lens mount. Shutter problem is one of the major issues with these cameras.

Later I wrote a blog article to compare this model with other two-dig slr cameras released between 1992 - 2002 by Pentax, and tell you probably the only reason why ZX-10 is preferred. 

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