Sunday, April 26, 2015

The User's Rewivw: Sun Opt. 38-90mm 3.5 Macro Zoom Lens, with 5 turning rings

This lens catches my eyes with its five (5) turning rings on its barrel, probably the lens with the most rings I have ever seen. The focus and macro rings, but not the zoom ring, change the lens length when turned while only the macro ring when turned moves the rear element. The highest macro rate is 1:4 on this lens.


 There is a hood (67mm) on the lens as showed in the last image. However, I am not sure if the hood is original.


  1. How is the image quality of this lens? I'm planning to buy one for portraiture. Is it also good for closeups?

  2. Thanks. I have not got a chance to try it. Therefore, can't answer your question. Sorry.