Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The User's Review: Vivitar V2000 35mm Film Camera

A simple and easy-to-use body, similar but better than Pentax K1000 in terms of specs. The body also has a Pentax K mount.

The front and back body surfaces are covered by a rubber layer, comfortable to hold.

On the left side of viewfinder, from top to bottom, there are +(red), o(green) and -(red) LCDs to indicate the light meter measurements.

V2000 might indicates the highest shutter speed, 1/2k sec.

V2000 might indicate the highest shutter speed, 1/2000 sec.

Good is the metal tripod screw hole, strong and durable to use. Bad is the thin plastic battery, easy to fall apart.


  1. Just got one from Ebay for $20, with a Vivitar 50mm f1.9 fitted. It was advertised as broken, and I was only after the lens. I put some cells in the battery holder, tested all the speeds of the shutter and generally cleaned the body up. Everything seems OK so I am now going to run a roll of film through it. The Cosina-made lens has a good write-up, so maybe I'll be in for a good surprise.....

  2. Came across a Vivitar v2000-one with vivitar 70-210 mm macro focusing zoom, 1:45-5.6
    Any info on this? Trying to determine best 35mm for close up black and white portrait film that can go digital and be enlarged

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