Friday, July 4, 2014

The User's Review: Foto K-1000 35mm Film Camera ??? A Pentax K1000 SE Plus or A KM Minus?

I got this camera and more questions. I need your help to answer my questions.

This Foto camera caught my eyes because of its similarity with Pentax K1000, K1000 SE and KM. However, there are obvious differences between the Foto and Pentaxs:  1. The Foto has a self-timer; 2. The Foto needes two cell batteries to power its light meter, and there are three screws around its battery cover on the Foto bottom plate, 3. The Foto has no light-meter needle on its right side of viewfinder. I guess the Foto uses light-up signs to show metering (I will test it after finding two cell batteries. I find only one in my house at this time). 4. The Foto has a horizontally-split focus screen like that in Pentax SE; 5. No Depth of Field Preview on the Foto (On Pentax KM, DFP is located about the self-timer); 6. There is no brand or manufacture name on the 50mm 1.7 lens on the Foto, this lens is similar to SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1.7; 7. The build quality of this Foto is not bad, and is not as good as those Pentaxs although they may share many parts.

Here are my questions:
First of all, who made this Foto?
Second, Is the Foto a re-brand or mimic of the Pentaxs?
Third, when and where was the Foto sold?

I googled 'Foto camera', but got little feedback. Thanks in advance for your help with my questions on this Foto. 

P. S.
This Foto carries two stickers of its original owner's contacts, on its bottom and in side the bottom case. Wondering if this original owner know something about this Foto and my questions.

The light meter test in Foto K-1000

Yes, as what I guessed, Foto K-1000 uses three light signs (o in green, + and - in Red) on the right side of viewfinder to indicate the right, over and under exposures. That is the same as what in Yashica FX-3. Therefore, I guess again, Foto K-1000 was produced in 1980s, later than Pentax K1000 SE.

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