Thursday, December 27, 2012

The User's Review: Konica UC Zoom Hexanon AR 45 - 100 mm F3.5, released in 1980s?

This zoom lens is one of four Konica UC Hexanon lens family, including 15mm F2.8, 28mm F1.8, and 80 -200 mm F4. The UC has triple meanings: Ultra Compact, Ultra Close-up and Ultra Coating. Like its older sibling Konica 47 - 100 zoom lens, this version with 45 - 100 mm is also rare.


  1. I recently acquired this lens in a job lot along with a UC Hexanon 28mm 1.8 and a Hexanon 24mm 1.8, all for GBP351. Haven't had a chance to try them yet as I am out of the country for a while.

  2. One of my friends gave me this one, his dad's old lens. It's extremely sharp and has excellent handling. I'm using it adapted to a Fuji X-E1 digital camera and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.