Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The User's Review: Canon Sure Shot Ace, A Point And Shot Camera With Detachable Remote and Two Viewfinders, Released in 1988

This camera caught my eyes because of its screen-like viewfinder on its top. My copy is a used one (however, without much use), buried at the bottom of a plastic box in a second-hand or recycle store. Priced it, brought it, played with it, collected info about it, and now I am sitting here to write about it.

First, let me take this as an example to say something about Canon. In terms of camera design, Canon has the audacity to use new tech and add unique functions.

I don't know if Ace is the first or Canon's first camera with two viewfinders, but what I know is that Ace is not the last Canon to have two finders (e.g., Photura and Photura 135). I must set my eyes at ~ 1 foot away in order to watch the top viewfinder (Canon calls it as 'low-angle viewfinder').

As Canon claims, Ace is 'the world's first camera with wireless remote control (using infrared beam)'. The remote controller can be detached from the camera and can be used to photograph the user himself/herself.

Ace has AF, programmed exposure, auto wind and rewind, auto flash, self timer, and auto film DX setting (ISO 50 - 1600). The only manual adjustment is the dark-red title device at the bottom. With one switch, I can turn it on and open the lens cap, and it's ready to shoot. However, I can not control any parameters on this body.

Its battery cover is a little bit difficult to put back with a 2CR5 battery (6 v) inside and the hand strap attached. 

For the same model, Canon launched Sure Shot Ace/Ace Date for America, Prima Shot for other regions, and Autoboy Prisma for Japan. Again, Autoboy Prisma is a JDM product. I wonder if Autobody Prisma has more functions such as panorama than Ace and Prima Shot.

Released at the same time, Ace's sibling, Joy, has the consecutive shooting of 2 - 4 frames at one pressing of shutter button, but no top finder.

I saw a set of wide and tele lenses produced by Kalimar. This set can be added on Ace to reduce or extend its focus length.


  1. so how are the photos? and how do you set the focus?

    1. Press hold down the shutter half way on the object you want in focus.

    2. haha thanks jonny... :) It's been a while