Sunday, March 13, 2011

The User’s Review: Nikon MB-17 Battery Grip for N65 Camera

Fig. 1. Nikon MB-17 battery grips with a battery drawer for 4 AA batteries. The white piece is the cover of grip connecting pole.

Nikon MB-71 is well-designed and user-friendly battery grip, made in China, paired with Nikon N65 camera (Figs. 1 - 3).

Fig. 2. Nikon MB-17 battery grips paired with two color-versions of Nikon N65 cameras. 

Why do I like to have it attached to my N65? I believe that there are at least three reasons. First, for a long run, the attached battery grip, which accepts 4 AA batteries, will save $ for me from the CR2 batteries required by Nikon N65. Second, the grip helps balance the camera with lens. And third, it is more comfortable for my hands to hold them together. One of my friends told me the fourth: you would look more professional when holding a camera with a grip. Do you have the same feeling?

Fig. 3. Back view of a Nikon MB-17 battery grip attached to a black N65. 

MB-17 has no any camera control buttons on it. I am looking for a Canon PB-300 battery grip for my Elan 7NE because there are a second set of control buttons including a shutter release on this Canon grip.  

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