Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One brand of single lens reflex (slr) cameras with multiple lens mounts: Kenko for Nikon F, Yashica/Contax YC and Pentax K

In the slr would, one of the most important features about your cameras is the lens mount. I used Yashica slr during 1980-1990s and had to buy YC mount lens or to use an adaptor if I wanted to us a lens with different mounts. All camera lens makers produce lens with different mounts. However, Kenko goes an unique way, producing cameras with different mounts. I like this idea because slr cameras usually dead before their lens do. I can find a brand new camera to work with my YC lens if my FX-3 becomes un-repairable.

I found 4 models of Kenko slr cameras: KF-1N (black or black-silver, shutter 1/2000 to 1s, for Nikon F Ai), KF-2N (black, shutter 1/4000 to 1s, for Nikon F Ai), KF-3YC (black, 1/2000 – 1s, for YC) and KF-4PK (black, 1/2000 – 1s, for Pentax K). Wondering if Kenko is going to add more models like KF-xC (?, ?, for Canon), KF-xMA (?, ?, for Minolta A) and KF-xZ (?, ?, ?)? 

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