Saturday, December 3, 2011

The User’s Review: Ricoh XR-2s and Sibling Sears KS Auto 35mm camera released in 1979

One good thing with many Ricoh/Sears SLR bodies is that they accept Pentax K-mount lens. Actually, Pentax is under Ricoh now.

I am interested in the following features on XR-2s:

1. K-mount SLR body.

2. A internal curtain of viewfinder (a lever beside the eyepiece). You do not need a cover, which is easy to loose.

3. DoF preview and multiple exposure (unlock the ME lock, press the button both under the film advance lever before winding film)

4. A bright scale of shutter speed in the viewfinder.

The green round button needs to be pressed in order to turn the shutter speed dial away from 'Auto' gear.
The small window in the center of the plate under Ricoh label picks up the aperture size on the lens and shows it on the top of viewfinder.

Battery is needed to operate the shutter. Without battery power, the shutter works only at 'X' on the speed dial, which is 1/90 s.

The ME lock is in the locked position to avoid multiple exposure accidentally.
The viewfinder eyepiece blind lever is in the close position.
What I do not know is the function of a possible lamp in the lower left corner of the viewfinder window.
Let me know if you know. Thanks.

 It's elder brother, XR-2 introduced in 1977, can't work with the optional winder.

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