Saturday, December 3, 2011

The User’s Review: Ricoh KR-30SP Program 35mm camera released in 1985

To me, the self timer on KR-30SP is unique. When holding the camera to shoot, the self timer is reachable by your left hand. It's a red light/button. Press it to start the timer and it begins to blink. If you change your mind after stating, press it again to stop. Simple and straightforward.

I may keep one of this Ricoh model because its shooting modes including program (P), speed program (SP, faster than 1/125),  speed or aperture priority. A data back (XR) and motor-driven grip (XR winder 2) are also available for KR-30SP.

There are more info showed on the right side of viewfinder. However, it's too dark to read in the dim situation. You have to turn on an illustrator by pressing a button on the left side of lens mount, under the self-timer.

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