Thursday, December 29, 2011

The User's Review: Ricoh XR-10M 35mm Film Manul-Focus And Auto-Control Camera

I think the unique thing about this body is the three strap eyelets, with one at the bottom. The camera can be held on the strap either horizontally or vertically, or may use a hand strap.

Unlike XR-10 that is a traditional design of SLR body, Ricoh XR-10m is much more electrically-automatic, although the ‘M’ in the model name might mean ‘multi exposure’. XR-10M also has auto bracketing exposure, auto film transportation and a top LCD display. In other words, except the manual focus using a K-mount lens, XR-10M is an auto body.

Under the RICOH sign on the front head, it's a window with light that is on sometime. This window is for the internal LCD display under the viewfinder. The light is on in dark situation for user to read the internal display. The body takes 4 AA batteries, good.

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