Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The User's Review: Sears Auto 2X Tele Converter 4E/MC KR 271.8100 and a Review on Tele Adapters for K Mount

I got this Sears tele converter because of its 7 contact pins on the mounts. The six pins in one group are for Pentax K-A and K-AF mounts. Without any settings in a DSLR body, this converter can be easily used with Pentax KA or AF lenses.

The separate pin is a Ricoh P pin found on the mount of Ricoh XR-P, XR-20P and XR-30P 35 mm film cameras. On the camera side of the converter, this P pin is bigger and more flat on its top, therefore, is safe to mount on a Pentax AF body without jamming the converter.

I saw many tele-converters with different numbers of contact pins and listed them in the table. I know there are more out there. What I do not know is if there is any converter only with the Pentax A pin since it's the only one on my Pentax-A lens.

Pin Number
ADG Auto 2X Tele-Converter KR 857
Auto Tele Converter 3X For Pentax-K
No pin
2X Tele Converter MC-4
No pin
Auto 2X Tele-Coverter
No pin
Telemore95 II 7•K•M•C
No pin
Rear Conver-A 2X-S (47497)

Rear Conver K T6-2X
No pin
Spectrum 7 Auto Tele Converter MC7

Tele Converter MC 2X
No pin
Auto 2X Tele Converter 4E/MC KR 271.8100

Auto 2X Tele Converter 4E/MC 271.8102
No pin
Multi-Power Auto 2X For PK
No pin
2X MC-4 Auto Tele-Converter
No pin

MC Auto Tele Converter 2X
No pin
Takumar-A 2X Tele-Converter
MC Tele Converter 2X PK-A/R-PK

Tele Converter 2X-22
No pin

Tele Converter MC 2X TC
No pin

*including the six Pentax and one Ricoh P pins

The last thing I like to discuss here is the Ricoh P mount. I see various acronyms for this mount, including KR, R-K and R-PK. Although the P pin has the similar function as the Pentax A pin, they are located in two separate sites on the mounts. In most cases, they are well compatible, except mounting a P lens or adapter onto a Pentax AF body. Depending on the shape and length of the P pin, it may be trapped in the hole of auto focus shaft and jams the lens on the AF body.   

CPC 2X Tele-Converter MC KAR, 7 pins
Kalimar 2X Tele Converter KAR, 7 pins
ProSpec Auto 2X Tele-Converter 624-4349, 7 pins.
Tokina EL 2X Converter For P/KA, 7 pins (this one is more similar to Kalimar 2X 7pins)
Toyo Optic MC Auto Tele Converter 2X For PK, no pin.


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