Thursday, June 6, 2013

The User's Review: Auto Chinon Zoom MC 35 - 70 mm, f3.3 - 4.5, One of the Early Self-AF Zoom Lenses

Funny, strange and professional looking, besides these, this AF zoom lens is more user friendly and can be mounted on more cameras because of the left-out aperture ring design, giving enough room for mounting. 

It's possible to AF,  MF, zoom or set the aperture ring,
using my left hand alone.

The lens length do not change when zooming,
but the front element and filter turn while focusing.

The aperture ring is out of the AF case,
providing more room for lens mounting.

Two switches, one for power and the other for beeping
The three pins stand in one line, matching the pattern of the contacts on Chinon CE-5. However, on other Chinon camera bodies such as the DP-5, the three contacts arrange in a different pattern. Wondering if Chinon produced other AF lenses to match the DP-5 and other models?
The focus ring with two rows of rubber teeth is wider,
easier to grip and turn

The barrels are made of metal and the AF system case is
plastic. I believe that many parts inside are plastic too.
The space between the mount and AF system case
makes it possible to mount on my K-x

An image of LED screen

An image at 70 mm and f4.5 under room light

An image at 30 mm and f3.3 under room light

An image of room light at 70 mm f4.5

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