Friday, April 22, 2011

The User's Review: Minolta Maxxum XTsi (Dynax 505 si Supper) and STsi (Dynax 404 si) 35mm SLR Cameras in images

Fig. 1. Front and back views of Minolta Maxxum XTsi, made in Malaysia and released in 1998(?). Inside the case, there are 1/4000 s shutter speed and 14-segment metering system. Build quality is acceptable but should be rated lower (8 - 8.5/10 by myself).

Fig. 2. 'Eye star' is one of features in Maxxum XTsi. Turn on the switch, hold the sensor on camera grip, put your eye close to the viewfinder, the eyepiece sensor by the side of the viewfinder will activates the camera.

Fig. 3. Panorama model is another feature of Maxxum XTsi. Switch the level to P, sections of the viewfinder are blacked (see the second image). At SDT position (see the third image), the two blocking pieces will be vertical. There are also two pieces between the shutter blades and film window to get the panorama view (see the last two images).

 Fig. 4. Maxxum XTsi also has the functions of wireless flash (WL on the dial), multiple exposure, bracketing, and 10 custom function settings.

There are 3 focusing areas, which are not lighted up. You have to refer the indicator on the left side of viewfinder to see which point is being used. Focusing process is a little bit noisy. No remote control to use, but a shutter release cable is available. The compatible cable is not the type of universal one. There is no depth-of-field check either. A coin or similar item is needed to open/lock the battery door. You will see some kind of colors (blue or yellow) in aging viewfinders of Maxxum cameras (probably cased by the old roof mirror?). 

Fig. 5. Maxxum STsi Date (02006737) and XTsi (94007783). STsi, made in Malaysia and introduced in 1999, is a simplified version of XTsi. They share may body parts. The top shutter speed is 1/2000 s in STsi (vs. 1/4000 in XTsi). STis does not have eye start, bracketing, custom function settings, and sport AF button, but do have a plastic lens mount on body. Do you find any differnce between the two models? How about the color of frames around the LCDs? Any more? Thanks.  

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