Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The User's Review: Sakar MC Auto Macro 28 mm f2.8 Lens Manufactured in 1980s (?)

Compact, light-weight and uncommon, initially, it was not my target lens to get. However, once it got into my hand , I like it.

With a distance scale in both ft and m, this lens has a Macro that can go up to 1:5. For Konica cameras, I have not seen any other 28 mm wide-angle prime lens with a macro. Made in Japan as marked on the  barrel, the build quality is good although I do not know the lens' manufacture. The aperture gears are between 2.8 and 16, plus an AE, but without an AE lock. Interestingly, the DOF scale has the marks for f22 although there is no f22 setting on the aperture ring. The front piece moves along the lens axle back and forth, but not turns. 

I got this lens in a kit with a Konica Autoreflex T(1) and a Hexanon 1:1.4 57 mm.


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