Saturday, April 6, 2013

The User's Review: Cander 38 Shoe-Mount Light Meter, c 1961

According to the Ollinger's Light Meter Collection, the Japanese-made Cander 38 is a selenium-cell-powered (requires no battery to operate, good) and reflected meter with ASA 10 - 800, LV 3 - 17, shutter speed 2 s - 1/1000 s, f 1 - 32, and movie FPS 8 - 64.

Cander 38 has its index panel on its back, good to read for a camera body with a eye-level finder or with a side-mount shoe. The meter is easy to use. Say, you use ASA 100 film. For speed priority, match ASA 100 on the turning wheel to the shutter speed you want to shoot, let say 1/30 s in the first image, then set the aperture according to the needle, it's 8 in the image. For apertuer priority, fist match the f value on the turning wheel you want to use to the needle, then find the speed oppose to ASA 100.

The Cander 38 reminds me that Petri also has a meter in the similar shape. The zero-adjustment screw on Cander 38 is located under the foot (in its center) while, on the Petri meter, the screw is on the back.  


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