Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The User's Review: Special Edition of Pentax K1000: K1000 SE

The facts and questions about Pentax K1000 and K1000 SE:
1.  First produced in Japan in 1976, later assembled in Hong Kong (1978 -) and China (1990 - 1997).
2. More than 3 million bodies were built in the ~20 years (on average, 150 thousands per yr).
3. Three differences between K1000 and K1000 SE include: ‘SE’ labeled on the top cover; microprism  spot on K1000 focusing screen vs. horizontally-split image with microprism collar in K1000 SE; brown skins of earlier-produced K1000 SE.
4. When was K1000 SE first made? 1979 (?) since one of K1000 SE owners told me that he brought it in the year.
5. If you get a chance to pick up one from the two, which one should you take?
    My answer is K1000 SE because of its split focusing screen, especially for low light conditions. 

Both of my K1000 SE (7451xxx) and K1000 (7148xxx) have been engraved their SN on the bottom plates with a sticker 'Assembled in Hong Kong'. I also have a blog page on Pentax K1000.

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