Friday, July 29, 2011

The User's Review: Nikon N2000 (F-301) released in 1985

To get a AAA-battery rack for my N2020 in an economical way, I ordered this body at USD 1.49 in 'AS-IS' condition from an online camera store. This N2000 is in a heavily-used condition, I did not expect it to work. However, it works fine as I tested.   

- The first Nikon SLR with auto film upload, or, say, without a film advance lever.
- The first Nikon SLR to feature DX film decoding, or to manually film speed ISO from 12 to 3200.
- The first Nikon to be built of polycarbonates.
- Powered by 4 AAA batteries installed in a rack covered by MB-4 bottom or 4 AA with MB-3 adapter set.
- Off-center tripod mount. Nikon came with a AH-3 adapter to bring the mount to the center.
- The elder brother of N2020. N2000 looks identical to N2020 except the lens mount and AE lock/self-timer panel in the front. 

I also posted blogs on the N2020 and MF-19 data back. Thanks.

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