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The User’s Review: Canon EOS Elan 7(33), 7E (30), 7N (33V) and 7NE (30V, 7S)

Elan 7/7E and 7N/7NE were released in 2000 and 2004, respectively. EOS 7S is the JDM version of Elan 7NE Date. They are midrange bodies in EOS family, with pentaprism viewfinder, 1/4000 s shutter speed, and metal lens and tripod mounts. With many shared parts (such as back film door, eyepiece cup and more), the four models look similar, except finer and smoother texture surfaces of top and front panels on 7/7E than on 7N/7NE (the panels are made of aluminium), sliver color of LCD frame on 7/7e vs. black frame and backlight of LCD on 7N/7NE. On the two top dials of 7N/7NE, marked letters are elevated rather than printed as on 7/7E. Furthermore, under the hood, 7N/7NE have an upgrade AF system and E-TTL flash metering system.

Although AF points increase to 7 in 7/7E and 7N/7NE (vs. 3 in Elan II/IIE and EOS 55), the eye-controlled DOF as in Elan IIE disappeared in 7E and 7NE. The vertical dial on the back door (Quick Control Dial named by Canon) was not passed on to later Canon EOS T2 and EOS DSLR. In stead, some Canon DSLR bodies have a horizontal rear dial like those on Nikon N80, N75 and Minolta Maxxum 7.

Build quality of 7/7E and 7N/7NE are very good. The big eyepiece cup fits well to my glasses and sunglasses. If possible, get a body with the eye-control, which is amazing. By May of 2011, I have not seen any Canon DSLR with the eye control. All models numbered by 7 have both wireless remote and electric cord controls. I prefer them, but other brands such as Nikon N80 still use the traditional screwed-on shutter release cable.

The Japanese version, EOS 7s, has a date back. It's very rare in North America. According to the manual on Canon website, the date versions of 7NE and 30V also exist. I saw a 30V Date on ebay, but have not seen any 7NE Date yet. 

If you are looking for a mid-range-price 35mm film camera body, consider/test these Elan 7/7N bodies before you buy.

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  1. Tokyo, Feb 10, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Canon (TSE: 7751) today announced in Japan the introduction of the latest model in its popular EOS-series AF SLR camera lineup--the EOS 7s--packed with such advanced features as eye-controlled 7-point wide area autofocus (AF) and a continuous-shooting speed of 4 frames per second (fps).

    The new Canon EOS 7s is based on the EOS 7 released in October 2000 and offers improved functionality to satisfy a wide range of users, from photo enthusiasts looking for something beyond an entry-level model to high-end amateur photographers.

    Featuring a high-speed-processing microcomputer and employing a new AF sequence (equivalent to that of the EOS 10D digital AF SLR camera), the EOS 7s realizes the fastest one-shot AF performance in its class*. The camera also features Canon's new E-TTL II automatic flash exposure control. Used with Canon's EX-series Speedlite flashes, ETTL II employs a revised metering algorithm that utilizes distance information received via Canon EF lenses for exposure control with improved precision and stability.

    Enhancing operability, the EOS 7s has a backlit operation-display panel, large printed control markings on the body for easy recognition, and intuitive, user-friendly control placement. The model also raises the bar aesthetically, offering a sophisticated-looking body with aluminum front and top covers finished with bonded black alumite and a leather-tone Ultra-Mat Coating. Adding to the camera's refined appearance is a stylish metal mode dial, embossed with raised electroplating for a three-dimensional effect.

    The EOS 7s features the same outstanding eye-controlled 7-point wide area AF system employed in the EOS 7, providing users with greater framing flexibility, regardless of the location of the subject within the viewfinder. The eye-control function realizes a reduction in response time of approximately 15% compared with the high-end EOS-3, distinguishing the model as the fastest eye-controlled camera in the EOS series. Other performance enhancing features include built-in dioptric adjustment and focusing points superimposed in the viewfinder.

    In addition to a continuous-shooting speed of 4 fps, the EOS 7s boasts predictive AF performance equivalent to Canon's flagship 35mm AF SLR-model EOS-1V, enabling the camera to maintain focus on a moving subject by continuously tracking its movement. Moreover, 35-zone evaluative metering, which is linked to each focusing point, analyzes and makes adjustments for lighting conditions around the subject to ensure outstanding exposure performance.

    The EOS 7s permits users to shoot and change film even in situations requiring silence, incorporating a transport system that features a state-of-the-art noise-reduction design to ensure exceptionally quiet performance during film advance and film rewind.

    Pricing and availability
    The Canon EOS 7s will be available in Japan from late March 2004 at an open price.
    Canon has set initial production at 7,000 units per month.
    * As of February 3, 2004, among high-amateur-class AF SLR cameras