Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The User's Review: Warranty of memory/media card matters

When I bought the SD cards for my digital cameras, I paid more attention on the card format (e.g., CF vs. SD and SD vs. SDHC), capacity, speed (Class #) and price. After several years’ usage, 2 - 3 cards went dead. Well, the contents on the cards are not under any warranty, but, if a card is still in the manufacture’s warranty period, at least you can have the card repaired or exchanged as the card producers promise. In most cases, they do not repair and they send you a new one although you have to pay the postage to send the bad one back first.


Here I list the warranty periods (from 3 months to ∞) of some SD and SDHC cards that are currently common on the USA market:

Life time: A-Data, Dane-Elec, Delkin, Edge Tech, Kingston, Kodak, Lexar, OCZ, PNY, PQI, Transcend

10 years: Duracell

5 years: ACP-EP, Centon, Fujifilm, Patriot, SanDisk, Wintec

3 years: DataMINE

2 years: Easystore, RiDATA

1 year: EP Memory, HP, Polaroid, Sony, Verbatim

3 months: Eye Fi

Next time, I will buy only with ≥ 3 years’ warranty because the card will not worth much after 3 years. Check the manufacture’s websites for details before you send any card back, and correct me if any error you find here. Thanks.

Over the past two years, three 16 g SD cards made by Centon failed in my hands. A red one can not be read/written any more, and the other two white ones lost their lock bars. I put a SanDisk and Centon SD cards side by side, and found that SanDisk has a stronger plastic shell.

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