Saturday, February 26, 2011

The User’s Review: Nikon N4004 (F-401) released in 1987

Fig. 1. Nikon N4004 front and top view.

N4004, manufactured in Japan and without body SN, is the first of three-model family F-401 (including N4004, N4004S and N5005). Nikon says that N4004 is featured with Nikon's Decision Master System (as marked on the camera top panel, which is an exclusive image master control), AM200 AF sensor (200 CCDs), advanced AE with unique triple-sensor metering, and a built-in auto TTL flash with balanced fill-flash capability. A date-printing version equipped with a QD film door is available.

Launched in 1987, the Nikon N4004 is Nikon's slr camera with point-and-shoot function (Fig. 1). When the speed and aperture dials are set to A and/or S, the 3-sensor exposure metering system ensures correct automatic operation in program, aperture-priority and shutter-priority modes. Manual mode and centerweighted exposure mode (for manual mode or the AEL button is pressed in other modes) are also available. N4004's 1 - 1/2000 sec shutter speed and B gear give you ample opportunity to experiment with your photography skills. This 35mm SLR camera's user-friendly viewfinder helps you understand proper timing to use flash. The built-in flash covers 28mm lens and above. The flash synchronizes at 1/100 sec. in program auto and aperture-priority, and at 1/125 sec. for manual mode. With Nikon’s BriteView screen and central focus brackets, the viewfinder has 0.8x magnification capacity with 50mm lens, and 92% frame coverage. The signals shown at the bottom of viewfinder include focus indicator, exposure indicator, over and under exposure warnings, and flash. The usable film speed ranges from ISO 25 to ISO 5000, which is automatically set. On the right side of film door, there is a second window showing film advance status (Fig. 2). I saw two versions of this window, marked with yellow or green signs. The green version, which is also installed on Nikon N5005, is better for use. Furthermore, the Nikon N4004 accepts 4 AA batteries that last for longer period.

Fig. 2. Nikon N4404 top panel and back door with two windows showing film status.

With 154 x 102 x 65.5mm in size, N4004 body only is of 645g. I feel it big and heavy in my hands, but it responses well except the auto focus in dim light, in which the focusing is hesitated. In auto-focus mode, the shutter can not be released when focusing is not reached.  The sounds from N4004 are loud, they tell me what it is doing.


  1. This is cool, I was searching online for information on this specific camera and found your page. I was given this camera as a gift and well, nobody in my family or friends list know how to even work a camera. I've been working with a small digital camera before this one and so I have absolutely no idea how to work this baby. Do you think it would be possible if you can reach me by email to give me more info on this and answer my Q's.

    1. Thanks.

      It's my pleasure to play with cameras as my two sons are always holding toy cars.

      Let me know if any question, and I will do my best.

      Have a good weekend.