Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The User's Review: Ricoh Macro Teleconverter P 2X

I believe that this 2X Macro Teleconverter (MTC) is made by the same manufacture of more commonly-seen Vivitar 2X MTC. 

As I tested with a Pentax DSLR body, this Ricoh MTC with a Ricoh P mount is safe to use on Pentax DSLR cameras (see the last two images).

The marks on this Ricoh MTC is easier to understand. The upper ratios in yellow are for the fully-extended tube with a 50mm lens while the lower ratios in white are used for 2x teleconverter (fully retreated tube) with the same kind of prime lens.  On Vivitar MTCs, these ratios are marked in different colors.

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