Friday, December 5, 2014

The User's Review: Bell & Howell DIal 35 (= Canon Dial 35 2) Half-Frame 35 mm Camera in two cases, Made in USA and Japan, Released in 1968

In the bigger case, along with the camera, there is a Bell & Howell Automatic 860 electric flash made in USA. I believe, the bigger case was also made in USA although no any mark is found on the bigger case, except the B & H sign. Also was the manual printed in USA. The camera and the small case are marked 'Made in Japan'.

The camera takes a 48 mm filter, screwed in around the electric eye (the filter size is not listed in the specs of the manual, it is printed under 'hints for better pictures'); has a hot flash shoe; shows distance only in foot; has a stronger spring motor although, nowadays, many of the cameras do not have a properly-working motor. However, I think, it's OK to turn the winding grip by hand and advance the film in case of  a weak motor spring. 

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