Sunday, July 13, 2014

The User's Review: Two Versions of Brown-skin Pentax K1000 SE, Engraved SE and Sticker SE

There are two editions of Pentax K1000: Pentax K1000 and Pentax K1000 SE.

There are two colors of Pentax K1000 SE: Black and Brown.

There are two versions of Brown Pentax K1000 SE: Engraved and Sticker (originally, golden with SE in black).

Why are there Brown Pentax K1000 SEs with the sticker? My answer is, in the later production of Brown SE, the engraved-SE top plates were run out. The top plates of regular Pentax K1000 were used instead, and the SE stickers were also put on to mark the edition. My copy with the SE sticker (although it's faded) has the highest SN (7880384 engraved on the bottom plate) among the four Brown SEs I have.

There are reported regular K1000s with brown skin and split focus screen. There were 'produced' by removing/losing the SE stickers on brown Pentax K1000 SE.

A body with a clear SE sticker

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