Monday, July 8, 2013

The User's Review: Minolta X-700 35 mm Camera, released in 1981

It was the winner of 'Camera of the Year 1981'

It was Minolta's answer to Canon AE-1.

It is the last MF SLR body from Minolta follow by Maxxum 7000 AF.

It had been produced for 18 years.

It has a P (programmed) mode set with available fastest shutter speeds in different light conditions. However, on my X-700 with a regular film back, when the aperture locked at 22 and the shooting mode is set at P, the aperture size would not change in different situations. Why? I believe that certain accessories may be needed.

It has a unique film loading signal besides the frame counter. However, it has not a window on the film door to show what kind of film has been loaded.

It has a aperture size window, lens unlock button, shutter cable socket, DOF preview button and flash cable socket around the lens mount.

It has the self-timer and AE lock on one switch that can't trigger both of them simultaneously.

It powers by battery, no battery power, no shooting.

It has the display of shutter speed, shooting mode and aperture size in its finder.

It has may dedicated accessories, but I do not have any at this time. 


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