Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The User's Review: Konica Hexanon 47 - 100 mm F3.5 zoom, Released in 1965?

The interesting thing about this zoom is of all metal (except the rear cap), and compact size. It says that is designed for half-frame picture shooting in Konica Auto Reflex or Auto Reflex P series, but I do not have the zoom manual nor test the zoom for a full frame shooting. Interestingly, when I compared mine and the images of buhla, there is no yellow 'SIZE 24x18' warning sign on my copy with a higher SN on the front ring. Do not know if there was any modification over the production period of the zoom?

This zoom is well made, with three layers of barrels. The outer two barrels turn and move for/backward when focusing and zoom. The distance scale is marked in both 'metre and feet' (To me, the English grammar here is not consistent, should use the words metre/foot or metres/feet'). The filter size is 52 mm, smaller than most of my Konica lenses with 55 mm filter size. Internally, the zoom has six aperture blades. Some users claimed that there is a matched hood for this zoom.

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