Monday, December 31, 2012

The User's Review: Sekonic Shoe-Mount Light Meter, Released in 1950 - 1960?

I got two such shoe-mount light meters made by Sekonic. The features that I like on these meters are: incident or reflected readings, adjustable position of the foot on the meter, and zero screw. 

There are some minor changes between the two meters. I refer them as the newer version (sn 081sss) and older version (sn 025sss)

 On the newer version case, 'Made in Japan' is marked on the back.

 The newer version (left) has a red needle with a mirror background.

 In the two images above, the newer version is on the right. The newer version has labeled 'Made in Japan' on its bottom metal plate and has a strap ring on its foot.

In this image, older and newer versions are on left and right, respectively. 

Konishiroku also produced a Koinca meter, more similar to the newer version of Sekonic here.


  1. Thank you for the great read. Would the light meter also have features like Color Rendering Index (CRI), chromaticity, color temperature,and illuminance of essentially every light source? I'm currently looking for something like the light meters from Konicaminolta? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your question. I do not think that the meter produced during the BW time has the functions for color imaging. However, K-M should have a current model to meet your needs. Best.