Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The User's Review: Konica FT-1 Motor, Released in 1983

It is said that Konica FT-1 Motor is the first SLR camera with motor winding, and the best electrical camera body from Konica as believed by the users. FT-1 Motor also has many electrically-control functions such as self-timer, shutter cable, left-hand shutter button, single or continue shooting switch. There is also an all-black color body.

There are two kinds of battery grips for FT-1, AA-battery type and AAA-battery type as showed in the above image. These plastic-frame battery grips are not very durable and the contacts in the grips are often ruined by battery leaking.

Konica modified FT-1 to take half frame (or full frame?) picture, and this model called FT-1 Pro Half (1986) is very rare in USA.

The common issues with FT-1 are broken battery grip and non-working electrical shutter. The non-working shutter might be caused by aging connectors under the top plate. Thanks to Steven Veit who provided both words and images to show the DIY for you.

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