Sunday, March 4, 2012

The User's Review: Vivitar and Promaster 50 mm 1:1.7 Lenses

I happened to have the two prime lenses in hands. Put them side by side and also installed them on a Pentax DSLR to try. Here are what I found:

1. the same design and specifications
2. both with a Pentax K mount
3. the scale marks on the barrels
4. the two lenses, in my eyes, were not much different in the images shot indoor at f1.7, 6 and 22.

1. brand names on the ring around the front glass
2. the rubber surface patterns on the focus rings
3. the coated colors on the front glass: more blue/green on the Vivitar vs. more brown/pink on the Promaster
4. more brown color on the rear glass of Promaster

I also compared three f1.7 k-mount lenses from Pentax, Promaster and Vivitar in my another post.

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