Monday, January 16, 2012

The User's Review: Canon Photura (Epoca, Auto Jet, released in 1990), one of two models with two viewfinders as far as I know

Long-range zoom and two viewfinders in a unique-shape case, these are the words I use to describe Photura. Its specifications are marked on its body as below:

The top viewfinder is open.

The fully-extended lens and flash diffuser moving with the zoom 

Photura and its younger brother Photura 135. 

Backs of Photura 135 and Photura (at bottom)
I got mine at a discount price of USD 5 from a local used electrics shop. After getting home, I put battery ad film in and tested it. It works fine. My Photura looks not much used by its previous owner. To me, the only advantage of Photura over Photura 135 is 35mm wider zoom on Photura.

Want to know more about the younger brother? Please read this page on Canon Photura 135.

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