Monday, August 1, 2011

The User's Review: Canon EOS 620 released in 1987

I got this body online, paid USD 15.45 including 10.05 for priority mail. It's in a good used condition, but still feels well-built among Canon EOS 600/RT series. So far, I have not find such 'solid' in other EOS bodies yet.

This model is the top one among EOS 600 models (including EOS 630 650 and RT), with the following top and standard features:

- 1/4000 s shutter speed

- Standard GR-10 grip with a shutter release cable socket

- LCD backlight with its button (the smaller one in the following image)

Canon Date Back E or Technical Back E can also be used on this body.

Oil on shutter blades and bad backlight are common issues in these EOS bodies.

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